There is an intensity to the emotional quality of sports design that sets the market apart. That intensity is what drives Hartwell Studio Works. We want to see your new designs painted on the faces of your fans on opening day. Stickered to their cars during the season. Plastered on large, expansive beer bellies during the playoffs. However your fans choose to express their devotion to your brand, we’re there to help give them that voice.

John Hartwell is the brains and the pencil behind Atlanta, GA-based Hartwell Studio Works. With a B.A. in Art from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and a graphic design portfolio from the renowned Portfolio Center in Atlanta, John’s 20-year creative career includes logo and identity design, event design, interactive design, illustration, cartooning, and animation.

He’s not only a graduate, he’s an instructor as well: When not designing and illustrating, John teaches a wide range of classes at Portfolio Center, including logo design, sports branding and illustrated storybook design, among others. John’s sports branding students have been recognized twice for design excellence in the Brand New Awards.

Yes, John is an avid sports fan. He has a prized collection of baseball bobbing-head dolls , one for each major league ballpark visited. Struck from the bucket list: seeing his Texas Rangers play a World Series home game. Not to worry: we’ll get that last strike out. Promise.