So, how does Hartwell Studio Works connect your brand to your fans? We begin by asking two questions:

What makes your brand awesome?
Why should your fans care?

Your answers may be easy to define, or they may require research that includes interviews, historical reviews, and on-site visits. This research defines your project goals. It helps us to understand what makes your brand unique, what makes your fans special, and why your brand and your fans should spend more time together.

Only after we’ve properly defined your goals do we start drawing. And we do lots and lots of drawing.

Pencil hits paper as drawings give shape to the ideas that will speak to your goals. We develop and mold ideas into sports design that gives voice to your brand, igniting fan’s passion and bringing them into your bold story. Effective sports design isn’t there to just look pretty, it’s there to serve your business needs. It connects your brand to your fans, winning their loyalty and delivering bottom line results.