Hartwell Studio Works

Atlanta International School

A different kind of identity for a different kind of school.


Following the celebration of their 25th anniversary, the Atlanta International School sought to introduce a new athletics identity, replacing a collection of inconsistent athletics logos and elements with no real compelling voice or central message. Important to the project was to craft an identity that better represented the international nature and scope of the student body and school mission.


Working with key administrators, Hartwell Studio Works established creative direction through a research process that managed decision-making for the entire project. From initial sketches to finished logos, this collaboration ensured that concepts and ideas remained consistent with the communication goals of the project.


The new athletics identity has successfully reintroduced the AIS athletics program to students, parents, and faculty, representing a consistent voice and character across the entire program. The identity burnishes the Atlanta International School’s commitment to excellence in elevating this important aspect of student life.




Courtney Fowler

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Atlanta International School

John’s impressive track record and reputation made him the perfect choice to design Atlanta International School’s first-ever athletics logos. He really took the time to understand our school and history before even putting pen to paper. The resulting logos really capture AIS and our athletics program and have been very enthusiastically received by our entire community!