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Catching Up with Agnes Scott College


January 2014 saw Atlanta’s venerable all-women’s school Agnes Scott College introduce a brand new Hartwell Studio Works-designed athletics identity to their campus community. The bold new marks replaced a “soft ’n’ cuddly” logo that many felt failed to properly represent the heart and passion of Scottie athletics. Not only was the new identity intended to make the Scotties look sharp, they were to help better communicate the mission and values of Agnes Scott athletics. We caught up with Associate Dean of Students for Athletics & Student Activities Joeleen Akin to find out how well the new marks have been doing in their first year on the job:

How has the new athletics identity been received by students and student-athletes?

With a great deal of enthusiasm. Our athletes love the new identity; incoming freshmen in particular tell us how much they like the new logos, telling us they think the identity is really cool. This is a big change from our old logo, which would only occasionally be referred to as “cute.”

Agnes Scott College old athletics logo
Agnes Scott College old athletics logo

A primary goal of the new identity was to help improve athletics recruitment and enrollment. How have these efforts been improved by use of the new identity?

With the identity giving us a much more professional look and improved versatility, our coaches are more excited to show off and use the new marks when recruiting prospective athletes. Recruits have responded very positively. We’ve seen an increase in some of our key numbers, such as campus visits and admits.

How has the new identity helped to promote Agnes Scott College athletics, both on and off campus?

Having a more modern and updated athletics identity has been a valuable asset, helping us raise awareness of the department and showing us to be an active part of campus life. Our students, faculty, and staff are excited to get branded promotional items. Our parents, particularly fathers, have embraced the new identity and are excited to wear athletics apparel. It’s been a great way to promote campus unity and engage with all parts of our community.


What’s the best way “Scottie Pride” has been improved by the new athletics identity?

Now that we actually look like a reputable college athletics program, there’s been a sense of excitement and ownership around the new identity. It says to our athletes that we care about them and their success. It’s created a great sense of unity among our teams. Our coaches are excited to use the new marks, and our campus and parents are excited to be involved and show their support. Recruits see a real sense of school spirit. We have every reason to expect even more benefits in recruitment, enrollment, campus engagement and growth of Scottie Pride!

Our thanks to Joleen and her staff, especially Mary Chind, for providing insight into how effective identity design helps to solve problems and create new opportunities. Stay tuned to the latest from Hartwell Studio Works by following us on Twitter and signing up to receive our email newsletters.