Hartwell Studio Works

Georgia Perimeter College

Creating unity across the city.


Georgia Perimeter College is a multi-campus higher education institution serving students across the metro Atlanta area. The school entered into a new era with the undertaking of a rebranding effort to reflect their new position as an education destination of choice. A new athletics identity that reflected the new positioning objectives was seen as key to the overall rebranding strategy.


Hartwell Studio Works took a leadership role in guiding a team of marketing, design, and athletic department staff through an extensive creative exploration process. Guided by research and the strategic institutional rebranding goals, multiple concepts were considered and refined in the effort to craft the one mark that best represented the school’s new positioning.


Across the entire multi-campus system, the new athletics identity serves as a point of unity for the diverse student, faculty, and staff community. A symbol of institutional spirit for the growing school, the athletics identity has created a bond among constituents representing their aspirations for the future.


HSP Primary_C.png


Barbara obrentz

Director of Marketing/Public Relations
Georgia Perimeter College

Georgia Perimeter College was in need of a new athletics mark that would serve as a symbol of institutional spirit and create a stronger sense of community within the school. John Hartwell took a leadership role in guiding us through the creative process, making the experience dynamic and fun for the entire team. The end result was a superior product that truly unifies and represents our diverse community. It is self assured, determined, energetic, strong, sporty and totally hip. Our thanks to Hartwell Studio Works for their extraordinary work.