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Episode #5: Brand & Sponsorship with J.W. Cannon


It’s a special episode of the podcast as I welcome my very first guest to the show! After spending the previous episodes talking about the concept of sports branding, I thought it might be time to talk about one of the ways you can use your sports brand to impact your bottom line, specifically with sponsorship sales.


J.W. Cannon joins me on this episode to talk about that intersection of sports brand and sponsorship. J.W. is a respected and renowned sports marketer with a ton of experience on the client and agency side of the sponsorship table, working with The Home Depot, Bank of America, and now the American Cancer Society, among others.

J.W. shares some great insights that I’m sure will be helpful to you as you think about how to use your sports brand to drive revenue and win more fans.


02:25 – J.W.’s background in sports sponsorship

03:12 – What is the value of a sports sponsorship to the sponsor?

04:43 – What is the role of a brand in the sponsor relationship?

06:09 – What is your definition of a brand?

07:09 – The importance of emotional connection in the brand experience

07:47 – How does the role of a property’s brand function at smaller, more regional levels?

09:23 – What are some of the mistakes you see properties make in regards to their brand?

10:40 – What should properties know about their brand in order to more successfully attract sponsors?

11:42 – Additional thoughts about the role of brand in sponsorships

12:51 – Sponsorship is a two-way brand-building street for both property and sponsor

Total episode runtime is 15:44.

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John Hartwell