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Episode #9: Brand & Licensing with Dale Arens


Alright, show of hands — how many folks out there have a shirt or a cap featuring the logo of your favorite sports team? Do you also have a phone case cover, a corn hole board, or pillow cases, golf bags, or a four-piece stainless steel grill set? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come in contact with the power of sports licensing. 


Licensing is one of the most important ways sports properties can use their brand and brand identity to drive revenue. Dale Arens is the Assistant Athletic Director for Trademarks and Licensing at the University of Iowa, and he joins me to talk about the role of licensing in helping to grow a sports property’s brand. Enjoy the show!


01:45 – Dale’s background in sports.

03:30 – What is licensing?

05:00 – What are the changes that have driven the dramatic increase in collegiate licensing revenue?

09:33 – What should properties know about their brand identity in order to best take advantage of a licensing program?

12:30 – What are the best practices in collegiate licensing that represent how to extend the reach of a brand?

15:00 – Is there such a thing as the "15% rule?"

17:35 – What should high school ADs and administrators know when faced with an infringement claim?

Total episode runtime is 00:21:46.

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John Hartwell