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Episode #10: Brand & Small Colleges with Jim Abbott


Americans love college sports. With big dollars and wall-to-wall media coverage, you’d be forgiven for thinking big-time college football and basketball represent the entirety of college athletics. Outside the bright lights and TV cameras of the big programs, however, exists the world of small college sports, representing an integral part of life for hundreds of schools across the country.


Jim Abbott, athletic director for Oklahoma City University, joins me to talk about the role of athletics at small colleges, and how a strong athletics brand can be an effective tool for building a stronger institution. Enjoy the show!


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-abbott-8139626/

Email: jabbott@okcu.edu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimabbott33

Business of Small College Athletics website: smallcollegeathletics.com


01:45 – Jim’s background in sports.

02:22 – What is the Business of Small College Athletics workshop?

03:15 – How are small college athletics different from big-time college programs?

05:50 – How do small college athletics benefit their university?

09:17 – How can athletics help widen the enrollment funnel for a small college?

11:44 – Athletics as an extension of the institutional brand.

13:29 – How can a small college program position itself strategically as an extension of the institutional brand?

15:36 – What should a small college be aware of in regards to their athletic identity?

17:39 – How can folks get involved in the Business of Small College Athletics workshop?

Total episode runtime is 00:22:33.

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John Hartwell