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Episode #11: Know Your Target Audience with Insung Kim


Every sports marketer knows this fundamental truth: sports exist in a crowded marketplace. Fans have options – lots of options – for where to spend their time and money. It’s no longer enough to just build it and hope they’ll come.

That’s why knowing your brand’s target audience is so important. Knowing your target audience helps you carve out room in that crowded space, helping attract and keep the fans you need. 


Insung Kim, the creative director for the Atlanta Braves, joins me this episode to talk about how the Braves define their target audience, and how that audience influences the Braves’ brand and their decision making process. Enjoy the show!


01:48 – How do the Braves define their target audience in a crowded Atlanta sports market?

07:31 – How did the target audience play a role in the move to SunTrust Park?

12:17 – How did the Braves' brand and target audience drive the conception and execution of the Battery?

15:12 – What kind of impact has SunTrust Park and the Battery had on helping the Braves brand reach new audiences?

18:45 – What are some of the challenges you see other sports properties have in defining their target audience?

21:54 – What are some lessons other sports properties can take away from the Braves' experience?


Total episode runtime is 00:26:09.

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John Hartwell