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Episode #13: Brand & Sponsorship with Ron Seaver


This is the third episode of this podcast to look at the topic of brand and sponsorship. As you in the audience know, sponsorship is one of your primary revenue streams. You also know it’s a constantly shifting environment, in which changing market pressures means you need to stay one step ahead of your sponsor’s needs.


So I’m very excited to welcome Ron Seaver to the show to talk about the latest in sport sponsorships, and the role of your brand in this shifting environment. Ron got his start in sports sponsorships with the San Diego Padres, and for the past 24 years has been the president of the National Sports Forum, giving him a unique perspective on revenue generation and the business of sports. Enjoy the show!


Email: r.seaver@sports-forum.com

National Sports Forum website: sports-forum.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronseaver/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatlSportsForum

Download the NSF Corporate and Industry Survey referenced by Ron in this episode here.


01:43 – What do you see as the latest developments in the world of sports sponsorships?

10:04 – How have digital and social media impacted sponsorships?

15:35 – How is digital media defined versus social media?

18:50 – What are some current best practices in digital and social?

24:05 – Sports properties aren’t in the sports business, but in the fan experience business.

26:52 – What is the role of a property’s brand in this sports business environment?

29:20 – Information on the National Sports Forum in February 2019 in Las Vegas.


Total episode runtime is 00:32:58.

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John Hartwell