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Episode #14: Brand & Culture with Devin Crosby


We’ve talked a lot on this podcast about the building blocks of an athletics brand — about knowing your values, your audience, and what makes you different. These are all good and necessary ways of framing your brand story. I’ll suggest another way to think about your brand building: in terms of your culture. 

crosby pic.jpg

Devin Crosby, the athletics director at Lynn University, joins me on this episode to talk about the role of culture in building the Lynn University athletics brand, and how that culture has been the key to their success. Enjoy the show!


02:00 – Introduction to Devin’s career in college athletics

03:30 – Using culture as a means of building a brand

06:20 – How does culture impact revenue generation?

09:11 – What is the relationship between the institutional brand and the athletics brand?

10:34 – Why do stories matter so much in the context of culture?

13:18 – What kind of on and off field results have you experienced as a result of a focus on culture?

19:20 – What are steps that other athletics programs can take to develop a transformational culture?


Total episode runtime is 00:20:42.

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John Hartwell