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Episode #15: Building an Athletics Brand with Allison Kern


Small colleges in the United States often serve a particular niche, and as such, have to work smarter and harder to market themselves. This includes the athletics program, which has to overcome challenges related to that niche in order to grow and be successful. One of the ways these athletics programs can overcome those challenges, of course, is with a strong athletics brand.


Agnes Scott College athletics director Allison Kern joins the show to talk about the nuts and bolts of her athletics brand-building efforts and the role that brand has played in her program’s growth. Enjoy the show!


01:38 – Agnes Scott College institutional background

03:17 – What is the role of athletics at Agnes Scott?

05:49 – Why use a brand to build the athletics program?

08:31 – What are some examples of how the brand is helping drive growth?

11:20 – What is the role of the brand identity in communicating the brand?

15:04 – What have been your biggest brand-building successes?

18:10 – What can other schools do to build their own strong athletics brand?

25:39 – How has the department’s embrace of the brand affected recruiting efforts?

Total episode runtime is 00:30:02.

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John Hartwell