Hartwell Studio Works

The Walker School

Raising a profile in a crowded space.


Atlanta’s private secondary school market is crowded and fiercely competitive. The Walker School wanted to leverage its athletics program to create more recognition and differentiation, helping to drive enrollment and campus engagement.


With market differentiation being a primary strategic need, an in-depth visual audit of the competition was key to the creative process. Running through a variety of concept options, decision making was guided by what best represented the unique voice and vision of the Walker brand.


The new Wolverines identity reintroduces the Walker brand to the Atlanta market with a fresh and dynamic voice. Enthusiastically embraced by students, parents, and staff, the new Wolverines are poised for growth and excitement in the coming years.


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Jen Brock

Director of Communications & Marketing
The Walker School

In a sea of schools with "W" names and an enigmatic mascot, John Hartwell led us through a creative development process that was both impressive and incredibly valuable. He listened to our concerns and aspirations, guided us through critical questions and decisions, and ultimately created an athletic brand that is a game-changer for our campus and community. The only thing better than the work is John himself. His enthusiasm and knowledge were appreciated through every step of the project.


Photos courtesy of and © The Walker School